Ethical project of the Cidrerie Melenig

The Melenig cider factory’s goal is to support a sustainable business. We believe that the human being only blossoms by developing quality relationships with nature, with the older generations and with people around him today. Therefore, special care on these three areas is taken. Some of the actions needed to fulfill our goal are realized, and the remainder will be done in the medium-to-long term.














Connection to nature

Our cider factory is located in a region characterized by different natural and man-made landscapes: plateaux, hills, valley bottoms, orchards, wet meadows. To enhance and make durake this natural wealth, we are working on several aspects:

- Producing enough quality apples to ensure an independent supply for the cider factory,

- Limiting pollution: excluding chemical inputs (organic certification), processing the cider factory's sewages and limiting the energy consumption (manual fruit collection, limitation of treatment with copper, bottle recycling),

- Increasing biodiversit: by protecting woodland areas and embankments and maintaining the orchards' ground cover,

- Protecting the natural beauty of the landscape,

- Developing the human-nature relationship.



Connection to the history: enhancing a living heritage


 By producing a Cornouaille protected designation of origin (PDO) cider, we perpetuate the tradition and heritage of our ancestors:

- A vegetal heritage of different types of apples perfectly suited to the environment,

- Atraditional craftsmanship heritage: manual fruits collection, traditional pressing, natural foam taking in the bottle,

- A regional know-how of well-balanced flavours which are typically Breton


This heritage can evolve and be enhanced by innovative technologies. Keeping this heritage alive also means we must improve it to pass it on to the future generations.







Connection to People: building lasting relationships

Within the company

- Ensure equal compensation,
- Balance professional life with personal life for employees and interns,
- Take account of physical and mental strenghts and weaknesses of all of us for a better work organization,
- Encourage personal initiative, dialogue, solidarity and morale

With our professionals customers

- Ensure long-lasting relationships with human-sized companies that have similar ethics,
- Prefer local and short circuits. 

With our individual customers

- Be available and warmly welcome clients,
- Propose a free visit of our cider factory in order to share our experience and know-how,
- have faire prices to make our cider as accessible as possible.

With the other cider producers

- Develop complementarity instead of competition,
- Participate in the organization of the sector with the Cider Committee for Research and Development in Finistère (Western part of Brittany).

With other farm producers

-Join knowledge-exchange networks such as Bienvenue à la ferme, GAB 29 and others marketplaces


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